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    What Makes Us Your Best Choice for Property Sales?

    Over 30,000 properties sold

    Our team of experts has handled over 30,000 property sales and manages 8,500+ properties, ensuring your property is in safe hands.

    Over 2 Billion Monthly Transactions

    Facilitating over 2 billion monthly transactions, our expertise and infrastructure ensure seamless operations in the world of high-volume financial transactions.

    Unmatched Market Presence

    With a robust database of over 500,000 potential buyers and renters, we stand as the undisputed leader in property listings, ensuring your property gets maximum exposure.

    Best Real Estate Agency To Sell Your Dubai Property

    We stand as one of Dubai’s most reputable real estate agencies, backed by years of expertise and a track record of successful property sales. Our deep understanding of the local market, current trends, and client needs sets us apart. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including legal formalities, property registration, and effective marketing strategies, all aimed at ensuring a swift sale of your property at the best possible price.

    We take proactive steps to ensure your property listing reaches the right audience, leveraging our extensive network to connect with potential buyers. Additionally, our diverse portfolio of Dubai properties provides a wide array of choices for interested buyers.


    Discover What Our Satisfied Clients Have to Say

    Emma Charlotte
    Emma Charlotte
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    We had been facing challenges in selling our units for over five years, a situation that had become increasingly frustrating. That was until we decided to enlist the help of Rajiv from Autograph. Their expertise and approach were a game-changer for us.
    Noah Benjamin
    Noah Benjamin
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    What stood out the most was their deep understanding of the market and their extensive network, which I believe played a critical role in the quick sale. Their strategy was well thought out and effectively executed, demonstrating their commitment and skill.
    James Oliver
    James Oliver
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    The entire sales process was handled with impressive smoothness and efficiency. Steve and Rajvir were not just professional but also incredibly proactive. They made sure to communicate all the necessary requirements .







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    How much is your property worth?

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      Your questions answered

      How long will it take to sell my house?

      Having sold over 30,000 homes, we’re experts at finding you a buyer quickly and for the best possible price. Once we have found you a buyer, the sales process will typically take between 30-60 days. A cash transaction will be faster, sometimes happening in as little as 2 weeks, with a mortgage based transaction taking a bit longer.

      How much is my house worth?

      Contact Betterhomes to get a free valuation of your property. Our experienced team of local brokers will take into account comparable market data and relevant market trends to ensure we maximise the value of your home.

      Do I need to involve a lawyer when selling my property?

      You do not need to have a lawyer when selling your property, but it is highly advisable to use an independent conveyancer to ensure a safe and complete transfer of the property. A conveyancer will prepare, clarify and review all legal documents, calculate any fees and taxes and ensure that you safely receive the proceeds of the sale. Betterhomes works exclusively with Clarity, a team of expert conveyancers who can assist you with every stage of your sale.

      Can I sell my property if it is tenanted?

      Having a tenant does not prevent you from selling your property. We regularly sell tenanted properties, with many investors happy to buy them. When you sell your property, the name of the landlord on the tenancy agreement will be changed from you to the buyer. The new property owner will inherit the terms of the rental agreement. They will then have the option to serve the tenant with a 12-month eviction notice should they wish to occupy the property themselves.

      Are there any taxes or fees associated with selling property in Dubai?

      Yes, there are fees involved, including a real estate agent’s commission (usually around 2% of the property’s sale price), and the Dubai Land Department’s transfer fee, which is typically 4% of the property’s sale price.

      Can I sell my property if I am not in Dubai?

      Yes, you can. You can grant a power of attorney to a trusted representative or your real estate agent to handle the sale on your behalf.

      Are there any restrictions on selling off-plan properties in Dubai?

      Generally, you can sell off-plan properties, but it’s essential to check your contract with the developer for any specific conditions or restrictions.

      Can I sell my property before completing the payment for a post-handover plan with the developer?

      It depends on the developer’s terms and conditions. Some developers may allow it, while others may have restrictions. Check your contract and consult with the developer for clarity.

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