The Demand for Real Estate Market in Dubai


Dubai’s real estate market has grown exponentially over the past decade, establishing itself as a global hub for luxury properties and innovative architecture. As we look ahead to 2024, investors and potential buyers wonder – will the boom continue? Our analysis points to key factors that suggest strong, sustained growth.

Increasing populations, growing business operations, Dubai’s appeal as a haven for investors, and significant new development initiatives collectively indicate an enduring and sustainable expansion of the city’s real estate sector.

Read on for an in-depth look at the key factors shaping the 2024 real estate market in Dubai. Understanding these demand drivers and market projections will prove valuable if you’re considering getting into Dubai real estate as a buyer or investor.

Steady Economic Growth Driving Population and Housing Demand

Dubai has become a central hub for business and finance between East and West. Major multinationals have established regional offices in the city, while entrepreneurs are lured by the emirate’s low taxes, modern infrastructure, and openness to overseas talent.

Economic expansion has increased population growth, increasing demand for residential and commercial real estate. Dubai’s population grew by over 3% annually from 2013-2018, reaching 3.3 million. It could hit 5.8 million by 2040 as workers continue moving to the emirate.

Rising demand for housing led developers to deliver over 20,000 units in the first half of 2019 alone. Despite such active construction, housing supply still lags behind population growth – indicating the market can likely absorb additional inventory.

Ongoing Major Development Projects

Visionary long-term development initiatives also expand and upgrade the real estate market in Dubai. These vast projects include planned communities with tens of thousands of villas, apartments, offices, malls, and leisure amenities.

Key projects driving property development include:

Dubai Creek Harbour

The massive Dubai Creek Harbour development near Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary will become a city-within-a-city along historic Dubai Creek. The $6.8 billion undertaking by Emaar Properties covers over 20 million square feet. Creek Harbour will provide Freehold property opportunities to buyers from around the world.

Dubai South

Dubai South – branded as an “aerotropolis” urban center anchored by the Al Maktoum International Airport – offers investors and residents considerable room for growth. Early phases alone call for 465,000 residents in 60,000 housing units, commercial space, and retail outlets.

Meydan One Mall

The upcoming Meydan One super-sized shopping complex spearheads the already bustling Meydan district. Comprising over 3 million square feet of leasable space, Meydan One Mall will become one of the world’s biggest shopping and entertainment destinations.

These large-scale developments, alongside smaller boutique projects, show why Dubai’s property market should avoid major slowdowns. The long-view planning approach indicates steady real estate sector expansion aligned with future economic growth.

Areas to Watch for 2024

The following areas display strong indicators for the 2024 Dubai property market. Several promising districts stood out.


This immense theme park and entertainment zone lies south of Downtown Dubai. Ongoing Dubailand construction includes luxury villas, professional co-living spaces, and mixed-use apartment buildings.

Transportation links continue improving, while Dubailand’s retail, recreation, and job centers attract residents. As such, our analysts identified this emerging hotspot as a 2024 area to watch in Dubai.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Jumeirah Village Circle appeals especially to value-conscious middle-income tenants and buyers. Apartment prices run below comparable Downtown or Marina residences. JVC also draws praise as a livable neighborhood with community spirit and plentiful amenities.

Neighborhood upgrades include new canal access, roads, shops, cafes, nurseries, clinics, and supermarkets. JVC seems poised for an influx of new residents by 2024.

Business Bay

Alongside Dubai Canal, Business Bay blends commercial spaces with trendy cafes and a walkable waterfront promenade. Business Bay appeals to young professionals and smaller firms seeking affordable Dubai office space.

The launch of high-speed metro links directly connecting to Expo 2020 makes Business Bay far more accessible. Continued infrastructure and transit upgrades should support increasing property values here through 2024.

Factors Supporting Market Growth Through 2025

Industry analysts and real estate brokers largely agree – that Dubai property should keep rising moderately in 2024 and 2025. Barring major economic shocks, these supportive fundamentals indicate sustained growth past the short term:

  • Increasing population and housing demand: Natural expansion through births and domestic migration, plus continued foreign immigration, expands Dubai’s population base. Despite rampant building, housing supply struggles to match rising demand. This imbalance signals investment opportunities for property buyers.
  • Expo 2020: Dubai’s Expo 2020 world fair runs from October 2021 to March 2022. The massive event is expected to attract over 25 million visits to the city. Experts predict the Expo will boost Dubai’s economy, infrastructure upgrades, tourism, and real estate. Positive Expo 2020 impacts should extend into 2024.
  • Oil price rebound: Dubai’s critical real estate and retail sectors depend enormously on overseas investors and vacation homeowners from Gulf oil economies. Rebounding oil prices, in 2022 set the stage for stronger property investment by 2024.
  • Increased business formation: Dubai prioritizes sectors like financial services, logistics, tourism, and technology with incentives for new ventures. Expanding industries translate to commercial and residential space demand.
  • Global safe-haven appeal: Political and economic crises overseas reinforce Dubai’s reputation as a stable location to invest, park assets, or establish residency. This haven status will continue driving property purchases by foreign nationals through 2024.
  • Major new development: More mega-projects will be launched for all the buildings in Dubai in the coming years. These large communities require major infrastructure connecting to the rest of Dubai. Critically, new project funding comes primarily through presales, avoiding excessive speculative construction.

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